5 Ways To Drastically Improve Your Website's Quality

5 Ways To Drastically Improve Your Website's Quality
Dilara Yurdakul
Account Executive
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Do you want to maximize your website’s features? Satisfy your customers? We've got you covered.

Your business/personal website may seem functional enough but there are ways to make it perfect. A smooth website experience is crucial for you and your customers. Here you will find 5 different improvements that you should consider for your website.

Uptime Status

Your website’s uptime status is extremely, unbelievably, and lethally important. If your website is down or if it keeps going down, your business will be hurt and you will lose customers in no time. One thing website visitors hate is constant outages. Who does not hate that? 

You could check if your website is up or down manually, but that takes time and too much effort. Uptime monitoring can save you time, money, and effort. There are monitoring tools that let you know the moment your website is down so that you can take needed actions. 


We are all customers to some people and I can safely say that no one likes slow websites. NO ONE! If it takes ages to load the page, better go search for the product or service on another website. If your website is taking time to load the page, boy do we have a solution for you. If your website is fast, we do have a solution for you to keep it that way. 

Network monitoring is widely used and known by great website owners. Seeing your website’s experience in your customer's and visitors' eyes is game changing. You could take the needed actions right away. Good thing is that some monitoring tools (like us 😎) give you insights and tips on how to improve the speed of your website. Now, that’s something. Knowing what’s wrong on your website is one thing, knowing how to correct it is another. Both are brilliant, together they are awesome.

Blacklist Status

You are not getting customers? Your customer count has been low recently? It could be that your website’s got blacklisted. When your website is blacklisted, users have a hard time finding your website or not finding it at all. This could damage your business and website’s performance, or in rare cases, you could lose your website.

So, how can you understand that you are blacklisted? Easy. Blacklist monitoring. By using it, you will be able to track if you are blacklisted, and how to be on the whitelist again. You can create a rule for the monitoring tool as well. If you end up in a global blacklist, it can let you know in seconds.


This is the most important measure to take if you are a website owner. Keeping your customers safe and secure is essential. There are several ways to do it. Some of them are up-to-date softwares, firewalls, and certificates. But how can you protect yourself against the flaws you don’t even know that they existed in the first place? Well, with the help of products like MonSpark’s port monitoring module, you can discover and stay up-to-date with your attack surface.

If your website is not secure, some search engines will let your customer know and this could lead to revenue and brand name reputation loss. 

It is advised to take every needed precaution and not risk anything on the security side. 

SEO and Performance

SEO aka Search Engine Optimization is a great deal for websites. A website that is well optimized could boost your business in a matter of days. 

Google’s Lighthouse tool has everything you need to know. It measures your SEO, performance, accessibility, best practices, and PWA.

It provides a greatly detailed report for your website, analyzing if it suits Google’s standards for boosting visibility. Taking these precautions that Google cares about, will be a game changer for your website. If you want to know more about it, check out our blog article on Google Lighthouse.


As a website owner, you cannot set up a website and forget about it. Always be innovative and up to date when it comes to your website. These are just a few easy tips to improve on. There are many other performance boosters. Good thing is that, with MonSpark, you are able to do all of the above. Easily monitor your website and see what you are lacking or continue keeping your website’s performance top shelf. Our 10+ different modules, including Uptime, DNS, and Port Monitoring will make your life easier. You can focus on your work while MonSpark focuses on your website. We got you.

Click here to dive into MonSpark’s user-friendly world.

Stay safe and secure, until next time!

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