Website Monitoring Features

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uptime monitoring
Uptime Monitoring
Uptime Monitoring is crucial because it can help you save money by preventing your site from going down for long periods of time.
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ping monitoring
Ping Monitoring
Ping monitoring which measure response time and packet loss to diagnose network congestion, can help you to understand the status of your servers.
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ssl monitoring
SSL Monitoring
Don’t let your website visitors leave because of expired SSL certificates. Get notified before they expire so you can renew in time.
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port monitoring
Port Monitoring
Keeping an eye on your ports is crucial if you want to keep your business online.
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dns monitoring
DNS Record Monitoring
Monitor DNS records such as A, AAAA, MX, NS, or CNAME and get notifications when the records changed.
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whois monitoring
Whois Monitoring
Monitors WHOIS changes and email address modifications to alert you of any domain name ownership changes.
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Lighthouse Audits
Lighthouse Audits help you maximize your SEO efforts by evaluating your website and offering constructive feedback.
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screenshot monitoring
Screenshot Monitoring
Stay up to date with changes that happen "behind the scenes" on your web page. MonSpark allows you to visually track any web page changes.
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technology monitoring
Technology Monitoring
MonSpark checks the technologies used by websites and lets you know when something changes. New tech added? Get notified. Old tech removed? Get notified.
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text monitoring
Text Monitoring
Always up to date! MonSpark will notify you when a change in the specified text occurs on a website.
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cookie monitoring
Cookie Monitoring
Enjoy an easy way to keep your website secure and compliant by tracking first and third-party cookies.
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source code monitoring
Source Code Monitoring
Monitors changes in your website's source code and informs you as soon as it happens.
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blacklist monitoring
Blacklist Monitoring
Knowing if your websites are blacklisted is important, especially for SEO and for your own peace of mind. This can help you take necessary actions before being penalized or blocked by search engines.
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url monitoring
URL Monitoring
MonSpark alerts you whenever a new URL has been detected in your app's content, or when an existing URL has been renamed or deleted.
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Port Discovery Monitoring
Port Discovery Monitor is a vital tool for website owners and administrators, as it enables them to keep track of open ports, detect possible security risks, and prevent expensive downtime and data breaches.
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Sitemap Monitoring
Sitemap monitoring is a process that enables you to track your website's sitemap effectively by identifying modifications, pinpointing added and removed URLs, observing changes in status codes, and uncovering broken links.
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Subdomain Monitoring
Subdomain monitoring assists website owners and administrators in tracking and overseeing their website's subdomains for increased security, optimized performance, deeper insights, and expedited problem resolution.
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network monitoring
Heartbeat (Cronjob) Monitoring
Heartbeat monitors are essential tools for ensuring the continuous operation of a system or service by regularly monitoring various parameters such as CPU usage, disk usage, or database backup, thereby helping to prevent unexpected downtimes and system failures.
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Domain Expiration Monitoring
Domain expiration monitoring is a service that continuously tracks the expiration date of your domain and notifies you in advance if it is approaching expiration.
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