What Is Uptime Monitoring?

What Is Uptime Monitoring?
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Uptime gives the information about the time a system, network, web service, or website is up and running.

What is uptime?

Uptime is a measurement of the reliability and stability of a network or systems in general as a percentage. Uptime gives the information about the time a system, network, web service, or website is up and running and consistently available to the end-users throughout a certain period of time.

Mostly used for measuring how stable and reliable the service is. Whether it’s hardware, system, server, website, etc. an ideal uptime percentage for the service is %100; that means no downtime.

Downtime is the exact opposite of Uptime; it means that the service is not active, and currently, no service is available for the end-user.

It can be because of some failure, a problem in the hardware, application, network, or system, or it could be in the whole network.

Aside from a failure, a power outage or planned maintenance can lead to downtime.

This is where Uptime Monitoring comes in. Monitoring your websites and servers will give you real-time information and feedback about everything.

What is website uptime monitoring?

Checking the availability of your service is crucial. Without a website that is available to the end-user at any time of the day, resources will go to waste.

The Website Uptime Monitor constantly checks to see if your website is up and running. If the website has issues or goes down, an alarm will be sent by the uptime monitor.

Hardware problems, hosting provider issues, and human errors are some of the reasons for downtime.

Website uptime monitor;

- Tests websites' availability and checks uptime status to ensure that services and website working without any problems. Gives you deep insights into your website uptime statistics.

- Checks if SSL certification is valid or not and notifies you before the expiration date or any SSL certification-related errors.

- Verifying the availability of the website by testing the pages, measuring the response time, examining the load performance from different locations.

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