10 Ways That You Can Use A Monitoring Tool And Make Your Life Easier

10 Ways That You Can Use A Monitoring Tool And Make Your Life Easier
Dilara Yurdakul
Account Executive
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“Where can I use a monitoring tool?” you might ask. Well, here I have listed 10 different ways to use a monitoring tool and make your life way easier.

1. Uptime Monitoring  ✅ 

This is the most well-known feature of a monitoring tool. Uptime monitoring is basically checking if your website is up or down.

As you might guess, keeping your website up and running is a crucial step of owning a website.

If your website is down, that means lost revenue, upset customers, and reduced website performance.

In order to prevent that, it is better to invest in a monitoring tool. As a plus, you need no staff.

2. Appointments 📑

Yes, appointments! Thanks to the Text Monitoring feature that a few monitoring tools have, you can monitor your appointments and get a notification when there’s an available spot.

Crazy, right? No more refreshing the page continuously or setting alarms just to catch that blank spot, none of that! 

3. SEO Score ↕

Have you ever checked if your website appears on the first 5 pages of Google? I bet you did.

What if I told you that there’s an easier way to check your SEO score and Google’s ideas on your website?

You can even see what you should be changing in order to reach SEO metrics.

A few monitoring tools that can offer this feature, we are one of them. MonSpark is here to make your life way easier.

4. Out of Stock ⛔

Seeing an “out of stock” warning can be one of the most annoying things.

Believe it or not, monitoring tools can help you a ton with this problem.

You just need to monitor the desired website, and desired product section, and voila! When it’s restocked, you’ll be informed immediately.

MonSpark’s “Text Monitoring” feature can save lives and the product that you have been after for a while. 

5. Price Drop 📰

Who doesn’t love a good discount? Monitoring tools can help you catch that price drop immediately.

Monitoring the related website and related area is all you have to do. Just like magic! 

6. Blacklist Monitoring 🏴

Having your website blacklisted could be the worst case ever. But, how can you know that? With Blacklist Monitoring you can monitor if your IP address is listed on certain blacklists.

If your IP address does end up in said blacklists, your emails will begin being blocked by the receivers automatically, your website’s search engine rank is going to start decreasing dramatically, and users might even start seeing a “Dangerous Website” warning when they try to load up your website!

With MonSpark you can validate that you’re NOT on these global blacklists, and get an alert if at any time you end up in one of them. 

7. A Better World With SSL Certificates 🌿 

Let the monitoring tool do the monitoring while you focus on your work.

Checking if your website is up or down and if your SSL Certificate’s expiration date is close or not can be tiring and time-consuming.

Investing in a monitoring tool that can do everything about monitoring for you, will grant you with more free time so that you can focus on boosting your business.

8. Know Who You Follow and What You Share 👾

On your official business account, it is crucial that you keep track of who you follow.

Following an account that could damage your business’s reputation.

Implementing a monitoring tool on your social media accounts could save lives. 

Social media contents can be monitored as well. Posting a content that could harm or offend people is dangerous.

Monitoring your content and being in the know about your accounts is the way to go. Guess what can help you with that? *wink wink* MonSpark!

9. Keep Your Friend Close, But Your Competitor Closer ⚡

Keeping track of your competitor can only do you good. Monitoring your competitor’s web page, and being up-to-date about the changes on their website is important.

You could take needed actions accordingly and keep your customers in your business while adding new ones to it.

If they are launching a promotion or a discount, your monitoring tool can let you know and you can take action as well. 

10. Tracking Announcements, Hunting Properties and Jobs, and More! 💼🏡

Have you been looking for jobs? Whenever a job offer is posted, you can be notified and apply for it in seconds.

What about the apartment you have been searching for ages?

You are one click away from it. Monitoring tools can be your savior.


At this point, it’s up to your creativity. Monitoring tools are very much customizable when it comes to use cases.

You can monitor your school announcements, festival tickets, and many more!

Not every monitoring tool can have the features that I have mentioned but guess what? We do! MonSpark can easily help you and make your life easier with its user-friendly interface.

An all-in-one monitoring tool MonSpark can be your best monitoring buddy. 

Try MonSpark for free! 

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Until next time!

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