The story behind MonSpark

All started with idea, then...

Venture capital raised
Founded since 2021
Amazing team members
Active users and growing

How MonSpark started

In 2019, we started to work on the initial version of MonSpark which only monitors screenshots and texts changes. After we presented it to our potential customers, we saw that they need it. We saw lots of different use cases on those customers and we converted those cases into modules. After 2 years of the development process, we established Peyk Inc. and we currently have 8 amazing team members.

Our values


We are proud to make our company commitment to provide you with excellent customer service, high quality and up-to-date products.


Our company ownership structure allows us to have decision-making power and control over our own organization and what we do for our clients, as well as provide transparency in all that we do for our clients.


Our company's commitment to innovation has made us stand out in our industry as an example for others to follow.

Team work

We believe in teamwork and cooperation among our team members, instead of fostering competition. We believe that by working together, we can achieve great things.

Our investors